Israel Adesanya shows off incredible dance moves in legendary walkout at UFC 243!

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Remington Hill
Remington Hill Today, 02:57
Ritualistic influence
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Today, 01:44
This guy is the best fighter in the organization. Well hasty to say because of Jon Jones Henry Cejudo Amanda Nunes and last but not least Jorge Masvidal but the amount of progress in the short time he’s been around has to say something.
Jonathan Ciesla
Jonathan Ciesla Yesterday, 22:19
UFC has a video editing problem for no named people in movies but they are actually famous creating the mandela effect such as 1:39 shows in this flick.
kauvran Yesterday, 21:30
Feed that guy to Jon Jones! i wanna seeeeee it!!!!!
Fernando Nuunes
Fernando Nuunes Yesterday, 16:19
Chidori kk
Raplosofo Yesterday, 10:33
this guy gonna be revolutionary... take my words
Gary p
Gary p Yesterday, 05:33
cool great man
brain eater
brain eater 21 November 2019 20:34
Feed him to khabib lol😂😂
Money Master
Money Master 21 November 2019 19:34
The only grammar haters knows best is "cringe" they keep copying and paste that old grammar here.
Boris Gouma
Boris Gouma 21 November 2019 16:34
I'm proud of him like he's my brother or my son!!!
Jj2020w 21 November 2019 15:45
It was stupid.
Anuj Jyothykumar
Anuj Jyothykumar 21 November 2019 15:29
Cringe. Utter cringe
Akasha Engak
Akasha Engak 21 November 2019 10:47
Kage bunshin no jutsu!!?
Shaq GasEngine
Shaq GasEngine 21 November 2019 02:15
If those dancers aren’t trained fighters this entrance gets a 5/10 from me
ainahko16 20 November 2019 19:20
Classic massig
Classic massig 20 November 2019 15:31
Jetzt schon Legende
Chris Medina
Chris Medina 20 November 2019 08:44
The hero of the outkasts we all deserve lol
Gerardo Nunez
Gerardo Nunez 19 November 2019 19:53
0:32 aint as in to it or weak link of the group 😂
Aryan Rana
Aryan Rana 19 November 2019 17:37
At 1:34 those 3 guys did Naruto run 😂
Rashid Sa'di
Rashid Sa'di 19 November 2019 00:48
This level of confidence is scary
Mohamed King Elagheb
Mohamed King Elagheb 19 November 2019 00:29
Let's go naruto pack
James Budd
James Budd 19 November 2019 00:17
Israel adesanya is the bridge that will unite humanity to anime
Anthony Nellon
Anthony Nellon 17 November 2019 16:33
Homeboys taught him how to dance. Isreal has some good people who got his back.
U.A.E 17 November 2019 13:10
Did anyone spot 'Paula Costa' as IZZY swaggering in, imagining what making and giving this TINY Guy confidence??? 😉
Benjamin Chong
Benjamin Chong 17 November 2019 11:45
I’ll try to follow him dance
Quantum Optimist
Quantum Optimist 16 November 2019 20:01
Nobody was expected Israel to knock it out the park after this performance. 😲
Bay 16 November 2019 19:28
Nice dance but it wasn't incredible
Disfatt Bidge
Disfatt Bidge 16 November 2019 17:37
Conor gassed out watching isreal adesanya dance.
Life is Blessed
Life is Blessed 16 November 2019 13:11
A Nigerian brought up in New Zealand............The title of the book is the warriors code
Trooper Burgess
Trooper Burgess 16 November 2019 06:08
Beast mode
Sh4d0ws 15 November 2019 16:16
That was soooo dope!
Piero Salsa
Piero Salsa 15 November 2019 05:57
Israel is the real dhalsim from street figther llol
ALBIRUNI HARTSA 15 November 2019 05:42
This man is absurdly beast🔥🔥🔥🔥
Isaac Fernandez
Isaac Fernandez 15 November 2019 03:08
The next UFC star
ganzo 14 November 2019 19:58
He is so cool. when he talks, when he walks, when he fights, his attitude everything about him is magnetic.
Cindy Hughes
Cindy Hughes 14 November 2019 17:49
I hope he continues to do stuff like this Sooo cool Bringing in that ENERGY BABY!! Love it!!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 14 November 2019 16:26
That entrance was weak af
Srinaath Anbudurai
Srinaath Anbudurai 14 November 2019 16:11
To come out like this to the biggest match of your career and to follow this up with an insane KO is.......... . I’m sorry I’m out of words
Aiden Rawlins
Aiden Rawlins 13 November 2019 14:13
Just noticed the commitment at 1:33 they even Naruto ran out
ivan navgan
ivan navgan 13 November 2019 13:40
Honestly it's quite useless, but it looks so damn cool ngl
Erik President
Erik President 13 November 2019 03:25
The most creative fighter in the world. The most childish fighter also. The most positive fighter. The smartest fighter in the world
MF camp
MF camp 12 November 2019 18:54
This give chills
Jamie Stewart
Jamie Stewart 12 November 2019 17:19
Does that sign behind the entrance say "I love Fish Fingers" lmao?
MegaDm87 12 November 2019 05:52
Tee Ahmed
Tee Ahmed 12 November 2019 01:13
Best Walkout In History
Final silence
Final silence 11 November 2019 05:50
Rock lee Negro
EBHS00 10 November 2019 23:17
Alejandro Torres
Alejandro Torres 10 November 2019 14:45
High Powered420
High Powered420 10 November 2019 04:51
Israel “Stylebender “ Adesanya will defeat Jon “Bones” Jones.
R Dog
R Dog 8 November 2019 19:05
Best UFC Ring Entrance ever