Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov weigh-in: Conor kicks out, Drake rocks Irish flag | UFC 229

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BombaUZ Yesterday, 19:24
красавчик хабиб👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Mustkim Bhati
Mustkim Bhati Yesterday, 18:54
McGregor knows how to make promo well
Jimson Russel Altirado
Jimson Russel Altirado Yesterday, 17:16
Hafis Rizaqul
Hafis Rizaqul Yesterday, 14:45
Kristen jancok
Azamat Maqometov
Azamat Maqometov 9 December 2019 21:25
Alxamdulillah... Хабиб. Ты достойный сын достойного народа. Вес Дагестан вес Кавказ гордится тобой.
Philou du67
Philou du67 9 December 2019 21:11
დუმბაძე დუმბაძე
დუმბაძე დუმბაძე 9 December 2019 20:01
saty yad
saty yad 9 December 2019 20:01
Conor being ur fan u let million down. That show off may have brought u millions of dollars to u. But keep in mind, money cant get u everything and ur carrier gone down if u r not good enough to ur opponent. Kabib outclased u. Look, wr r u now.! Not even irish will cheer for u. U r dead. Dead for ur irish ppl too.
Esra Yiğit
Esra Yiğit 9 December 2019 11:56
Nicholas Tarr
Nicholas Tarr 9 December 2019 04:34
Connor was to mad nobody wins a fight like this if your hot headed like that
Nicholas Tarr
Nicholas Tarr 9 December 2019 04:33
Connor looked like Mike Perry for a second! Dam I wish Connor didn't drink for this camp he would of destroyed khabib
The golden Boy
The golden Boy 8 December 2019 23:48
0:52 he got a tattoo of his own name..
The golden Boy
The golden Boy 8 December 2019 23:47
Khabib ist more like the nice guy while Connor is always kidding poeple and so don't get me wrong he's funny but I think God has not so much respect for connor
❰❰Алексей Дикий❱❱
❰❰Алексей Дикий❱❱ 8 December 2019 20:55
Конор топ 🔥🔥🔥💪
Түнгі аниктот
Түнгі аниктот 8 December 2019 20:17
🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕Konor 👎👎👎👎👎
Түнгі аниктот
Түнгі аниктот 8 December 2019 20:16
Konor shat
Түнгі аниктот
Түнгі аниктот 8 December 2019 20:15
Хабиб Аллах агбар
Ashfaque mewati
Ashfaque mewati 8 December 2019 20:08
Kung Fu 2020
Kung Fu 2020 8 December 2019 12:20
Gamer - Can Demirci
Gamer - Can Demirci 7 December 2019 20:06
Arlind Shabani
Arlind Shabani 7 December 2019 19:12
this gave me the feeling beeing in rome and watching a gladiator fight 😂👍
Bams 7 December 2019 05:28
Crazy human in the world Conor McGregorr
Modi riding elephant🐘
Modi riding elephant🐘 6 December 2019 21:43
This has to be one of the epic weigh ins.
varean shawrann
varean shawrann 6 December 2019 20:21
Khabib destroyed his career
ADITYA HNF 6 December 2019 16:01
Mohammed Abrar
Mohammed Abrar 6 December 2019 15:24
Wow!!!!!😍😍😍Only a beast can talk in this manner, when whole crowd is chanting against him
Tina Tina
Tina Tina 6 December 2019 00:02
Mc Gregor 💩💩💩😠🤬🤮🖕
Murad Seferov
Murad Seferov 5 December 2019 20:15
KHABIB 😎😎😎💪💪💪💪💪🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Wangsa Wastu
Wangsa Wastu 5 December 2019 15:57
I want catapult the nuts of mcgregor Because his so arrogant dude
Shafiq Zulkifli
Shafiq Zulkifli 5 December 2019 14:48
FORGIVE ME 5 December 2019 13:42
Im gonna smash your boy
Iwi Biru
Iwi Biru 5 December 2019 12:17
Sy lihat byk yg lebih suka conor dr pd khabib
Arman Destroyer
Arman Destroyer 5 December 2019 07:38
Khabib maladec
FIRAS Mhenni
FIRAS Mhenni 4 December 2019 21:24
How to do a weigh in for a big fight?? Ufc: hold my beer
Deadline 4 December 2019 21:18
Hahahahahha, what did Drake do there?
papasango papasango
papasango papasango 4 December 2019 20:47
1:07 original devil … Dustin piorier good Christ respect
Mohamed Lab
Mohamed Lab 4 December 2019 19:45
Khabib a big men
Fahri Ovair
Fahri Ovair 4 December 2019 18:26 you khabib..
KuTunggu Jandamu
KuTunggu Jandamu 4 December 2019 13:19
Clown with tattooes. Not funny.
Watie Ty
Watie Ty 4 December 2019 13:08
God Bless for you Khabib
Tawseef Meer
Tawseef Meer 4 December 2019 12:48
Anyways Conor McGregor has lots of problem with khabaibs wife ..why
Play Dead
Play Dead 4 December 2019 11:59
OsiTo T3d GaMer
OsiTo T3d GaMer 4 December 2019 02:18
I hate drake since then
Sene Balde
Sene Balde 4 December 2019 02:18
Космический Ковбой
Космический Ковбой 3 December 2019 14:48
Allah fucking dunkey
bilal afridi
bilal afridi 3 December 2019 09:18
ALLHUMDULILLAH i love you brother from Pakistan
R. Hasan
R. Hasan 3 December 2019 08:02
Conor got drake in his side and khabib got islam makhacev in his side
Mr Mizo Fanai
Mr Mizo Fanai 2 December 2019 22:44
I'm a Christian but i love khabib i hope one day he will meet his saviour
Grimchar Grim
Grimchar Grim 2 December 2019 14:54
McGregor quase nocauteou o Dana White 😂
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 1 December 2019 21:44
Khabib bro u are legend 💪💪💪