UFC 229: Khabib Nurmagomedov - My Dream is to Smash This Guy

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Fouad Koubaa
Fouad Koubaa 15 January 2020 22:16
Honden die blaffen bijten niet
Sami Janbaz
Sami Janbaz 7 December 2019 22:56
Sami Janbaz
Sami Janbaz 7 December 2019 22:55
Murad Seferov
Murad Seferov 17 November 2019 17:06
KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Pak To
Pak To 5 October 2019 06:35
mulut besar tumbang
Muhammad Anwar
Muhammad Anwar 30 September 2019 03:31
PazyMusica2011 P
PazyMusica2011 P 20 September 2019 20:20
2 Goats
Gaby Pinz
Gaby Pinz 4 September 2019 21:12
47 Montana
47 Montana 26 August 2019 19:22
you want to see more about khabib go to instagram khabib nurmagomedov
Osman Alud
Osman Alud 25 August 2019 18:17
Grande Khaby le dio una merecida paliza
Harry 11 August 2019 05:43
conor is using his left hand to drink whisky now
Ismail Shah
Ismail Shah 1 August 2019 20:53
I love khabib from Pakistan 🇵🇰
shaik faizan
shaik faizan 19 May 2019 11:08
I love u bro khabib
Shahpoor Haron
Shahpoor Haron 23 March 2019 22:58
Khabib is the best in UFC
Shahpoor Haron
Shahpoor Haron 23 March 2019 22:57
Khabib time.......
OCNBXNG 13 February 2019 15:00
0:41 😂
dhimas widianto
dhimas widianto 2 February 2019 11:56
Ashraf Alameldin
Ashraf Alameldin 28 January 2019 12:21
Why its (khabib),the correct is (Habib).
Karl Johnston
Karl Johnston 5 December 2018 11:49
Smesh not smash
Ethan Dur
Ethan Dur 15 October 2018 00:15
my dream is smesh this guy. #sendmelocation
Yousef Benmamar
Yousef Benmamar 12 October 2018 15:46
حمييل شكرا
Didou Sofiane
Didou Sofiane 12 October 2018 03:51
habibe Win
imperial.shredded.pilot 11 October 2018 20:06
My dream is smesh this guy
OmaeyaWamo sHINDERγ
OmaeyaWamo sHINDERγ 9 October 2018 09:45
Conor McChicken: The king is back....bruuh that's a real jokesBut Khabib is no joke27-0 And still champion...woah
Hassan alhashil
Hassan alhashil 7 October 2018 00:28
Allah is the greatest we are all whith u russian khabib 🇷🇺
Giovan Paura
Giovan Paura 6 October 2018 19:10
My drem is lik smesh diz gui
Damian Lopez
Damian Lopez 5 October 2018 08:05
so whys conor always gotta go down in weight to fight others but thy never go up in weight to his division,they too scared?? he's bouta have 3 belts ppl, 1 in each division he's been in
Mohammed Rifai
Mohammed Rifai 3 October 2018 23:28
Ceep calm and have respect for khabib ✌❤ khabib is the best en ring respect from ruterrdam and morocco
Anth 607
Anth 607 3 October 2018 06:06
Alot of girls dream is to smash this guy
IRIE4IPIER 28 September 2018 22:27
It won't be lucky punch Khabib. It will be a precise, accurate left to the chin that will make you legs go like they never have before in your life
Didier Shouck
Didier Shouck 23 September 2018 11:12
M gregor will win without problem
Eduardo Mizuki
Eduardo Mizuki 22 September 2018 20:27
F'UCK Conor McChicken
Kaden Huynh
Kaden Huynh 22 September 2018 09:07
Bro chill your not hulk bro!
that guy
that guy 21 September 2018 23:20
the fact he doesnt acknowledge the precision sniper conor, "lucky punch" it will be a calculated, baited, smart, quick knockout punch, lmao
MR_DANKBUDZ_206 21 September 2018 00:51
Exactly it’s your Dream and that Dream will Never come true Fuck Khabib the Real Champ is back 26-1
Человек Человеков
Человек Человеков 19 September 2018 18:17
M 17 September 2018 22:35
Conor called him a mudrat which is like the N word for Muslims in Europe. WAR KHABIB fuck that racist cunt up.
Evan Smith
Evan Smith 17 September 2018 22:00
best fight in the companies history
Kay Hass
Kay Hass 15 September 2018 00:39
Hhhhh Khabib said you have to give up hhhhhhhh Legend😎😎😎😎😎
Kid Power
Kid Power 14 September 2018 23:34
We not just making salad, we makin chicken salad now!!
ZEDRELLL 14 September 2018 23:19
Smash or pass?!
Unbearable Suffering
Unbearable Suffering 13 September 2018 12:39
Connor doesn't take fights he thinks he can lose.
Prince Please
Prince Please 13 September 2018 10:25
Half khabibi or w.e tf his name is fans can’t even speak on Conor I bet conor will hit him with a stiff and put his ass to sleep
TheBioBeast 13 September 2018 10:08
Wow, they actually used that bus incident as a way of marketing. If they discourage this type of behavior then they should not give it any attention whatsoever. But of course, I am not surprised at all that they decided to take advantage of this as a promotional cash grab. Ugh, UFC is getting more and more pathetic each day with less emphasis on the sport and more on being simple minded entertainment. Don't get me fucking stated on Logan Paul.
Dana Red
Dana Red 13 September 2018 08:30
conor does no media, gets a three part video of him, ufc really putting all its eggs in one basket, start promoting khabib we saw what happened last week with till,
Luccinha 12 September 2018 23:54
Gogogo TV
Gogogo TV 12 September 2018 22:33
🦅 vs 🍗 Это будет интересно ...!
itzfixed 12 September 2018 20:46
"Easiest fight in the lightweight division" Think i've heard that one before
user name
user name 12 September 2018 18:38
Fuck khabib
Superhumanzzz 12 September 2018 11:29
khabib only fights bums man LMAO he will be exposed on Oct 6