Chael Sonnen describes crazy Khabib Nurmagomedov private training session.

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Deus Vult
Deus Vult 15 January 2020 19:14
Kobe Beef comes in.
21shamsham 2 January 2020 19:49
I fucking love this channel, great job, I actually enjoy listening/ watching
Darryl Montelongo
Darryl Montelongo 2 January 2020 06:38
I think I might watch some teens for cash or somethin..
The Shape
The Shape 2 January 2020 01:22
I'm one of those who want to see the Khabib/Ferguson fight. But, watch and see that this fight won't go like we think it will. After all this wait itll be a awful fight lol. I hope not though
1776 29 December 2019 18:58
Khabib: impressive Tony: SCARRRYY
Danish Abbasi
Danish Abbasi 25 December 2019 17:23
After Tony 29_0
Zerg 18 December 2019 05:15
Chaels most popular video is stripey shirt close up chael, also known as chael 16252 - i wonder if his new producer knows this?
Mike Stanek
Mike Stanek 15 December 2019 17:01
How come all of these UFC guys cant pronounce Khabib's name right?
Hyberean Glastonbury
Hyberean Glastonbury 4 December 2019 09:52
Massive steroid use.
XXcoldvengeanceXX 4 December 2019 07:25
A good fight to see is khabib vs. GSP now that would never happen but if it did I'm going for GSP just like khabib Vs Nate Diaz like I said that will never happen but I would love to see that I'm going for Nate Diaz though
Darius Bit
Darius Bit 27 November 2019 22:34
Khabib is like fighting a meth'd up chimpanzee running around with a jackhammer.
Kidane Tower
Kidane Tower 25 November 2019 20:52
Conor won’t have a chance period!
Alpha Views
Alpha Views 19 November 2019 04:23
I say Khabib wins by submission · R4 03:03
Ro Fall
Ro Fall 15 November 2019 10:28
Sonnen is a truly excellent speaker
Tamil nanban
Tamil nanban 14 November 2019 05:33
Khabib vs Tony will be a war
Yong Braveheart
Yong Braveheart 11 November 2019 15:47
People who said Tony can beat khabib...maybe in their wet dreams...khabib is a monster...the guy who can beat are not born yet in Mma
Ken Grand
Ken Grand 8 November 2019 15:01
I think tony's cardio is slightly better than he has more variety in his arsenal of weapons....but khabib ground work & physical strenght is superior...the guy has that insane russian bear strength....this is the fight we need
A Kay
A Kay 2 November 2019 23:11
Khabib Time Baby
Jobbe Italo
Jobbe Italo 2 November 2019 18:45
His foot was a balooon
nikola poyukov
nikola poyukov 1 November 2019 13:28
Why does chael speak to us as if we dont know what shadowboxing is and as if we dont even train... we do, uncle chael... we do.
Russell Thomas
Russell Thomas 1 November 2019 01:38
Man I gotta hav a bgi shirt!!!
Edward Pamintuan
Edward Pamintuan 12 October 2019 20:54
Love the commentary and insights, suggestion. Add some graphics (pics and videos) to your videos, like on the news.
Andrei 8 October 2019 23:37
Bravo! Great insight, you got yourself a subscriber
shaari mohd amin
shaari mohd amin 6 October 2019 09:13
Conor get gassout easily the only makes that 10 round becouse Floyd was toying with conor to please the fans Floyd can KO conor in round 3 actualy.
Raju Kc
Raju Kc 4 October 2019 15:48
Tony is easy fight for khabib so everytime khabib want tony becoz he will make legacy after he best tony.
I know I’m gay when I say this but
I know I’m gay when I say this but 4 October 2019 00:10
Chael is very knowledgeable
Renato Albieri
Renato Albieri 3 October 2019 21:45
Ok, great
Bien Crafts
Bien Crafts 2 October 2019 14:24
WHY am I watching this in 2019?
Paul's Health & Fitness
Paul's Health & Fitness 1 October 2019 01:24
He's got 5 guys.... with fries
sam time
sam time 30 September 2019 06:25
4:58 it's Nate diaz
Gamer Beast
Gamer Beast 29 September 2019 21:00
Alhumdulillah, when God is on your side and mind - nothing and I mean nothing can defeat you!
Chaplin 27 September 2019 20:07
C'mon Chael. Conor does have cardio issues. Yes your avg YouTube commenter would be tired with 30 seconds of shadow boxing, but you can't compare such people to world class fighters. PS: You're using a condenser mic pointed at your mouth, get a windscreen.
RG 25 September 2019 20:34
5:50 Never disrespect Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson like that ever again. Floyd was never near the boxer or fighter as those two
Erik Greer
Erik Greer 21 September 2019 14:39
may weather was facing a bigger man. and nate went up a weight class also. and conor once again proofed with khabib right he has no conditioning bc all he does is spend his money on alcohol drugs and traveling and then he’ll try to build an endurance in a 12 week camp which is impossible. he makes fun of diaz for doing triathlons year around but the dude never stops coming forward and he’s never quit. Conor has quit about a half dozen times so stop.
kakadots 19 September 2019 23:36
Khabib 30-0 by 2020 🦅
Chernobieff Piano
Chernobieff Piano 18 September 2019 16:19
Man is Chael smart, very insightful.
John Smith
John Smith 16 September 2019 10:18
Wrong. He was 145 and 155 champ in his previous org before joining the UFC. He was never just a 145'er. The reason the fight was at 170 was because Nate took the fight only like two days notice. Can't expect him to cut down to 155 in like two days. Stop making excuses for loverboy.
John Smith
John Smith 16 September 2019 10:12
Conor's pace? What are you talking about? No one ever talks about Conor's pace. It's the power in his left hand. He is a fast twitch guy with not amazing cardio. He is not a pace fighter.
Theshadow XJ
Theshadow XJ 14 September 2019 21:06
Yeah, nobody believes about Conor's pace.
M Farah
M Farah 10 September 2019 23:08
I am just here for the Khabib name. That’s all
Joe Cool
Joe Cool 9 September 2019 23:45
Don't understand the dislikes .. This is interesting and an intelligent opinion from someone who's been there. Can't find anything here to dislike
LDizzle 9 September 2019 06:55
This dude always backs up Connor. Don’t know why.
Blood Rider
Blood Rider 6 September 2019 15:05
Did anybody keyboard warrior pause the video to do shadow boxing?
Tj Mcclemons
Tj Mcclemons 3 September 2019 16:39
Fighters are not killers. They are fighters.
Mike&Blair Burkhardt
Mike&Blair Burkhardt 3 September 2019 06:51
Do you think people like Chael sonnen get fight pass for free
Mike Pace
Mike Pace 2 September 2019 00:07
When did Nick Diaz ever fight Connor McGregor? @ 4:55Would love to see that
Seiko X
Seiko X 1 September 2019 22:44
Khabib has the lungs of a race horse.
uphill248 uphill248
uphill248 uphill248 1 September 2019 20:45
I want to see the video please!!!!!!!!
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan 30 August 2019 12:03
John jones
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 28 August 2019 17:45
Connor didn't have no goddamn pays that motherfucker gas out at the end of round 1 every time. Really Chael? Really?Riddle me this why did he shoot on Nate Diaz? Cuz he was tired you dummy